Replacing or updating a core IT system is a daunting challenge, so where do you start?

The existing challenge

Replacing or updating a core IT system is a daunting challenge. These systems often underpin an organisation’s entire operation, and technological developments in recent years mean that new systems and ways of working may be radically different from how things have been done before. The scale and costs often run into the millions, or tens of millions of pounds.  

The efficiency, functionality and power of core Finance and other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have hugely increased. The cost proposition has changed too – moving from a largely one-off capital spend profile to a subscription-based model.  

About the report

The benefits and rewards of moving to a modern, cloud-enabled, software as a service (SaaS) set-up can be enormous. This guide is designed to help you achieve those rewards with a minimum of stress, complexity and unexpected setbacks. 

BUFDG, together with KPMG, have developed guidance to take account of today’s technology, market, and sector trends. We have drawn on the experience of several senior Finance, IT and transformation leads in a sample of universities around the country. Their thoughts and advice have informed the contents of this report and are reflected throughout.

The key considerations from the report:

  • Adequate investment in business change is crucial
  • Adopt don’t adapt – avoid attempting to replicate current processes on a new platform
  • There are lots of dependencies – you need to address your whole delivery model
  • Effective preparation is key – be clear about the reasons for change