Using KPMG’s Connected and Powered methodology to deliver a transformational journey

In a recent event, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) share their experiences on how our Powered methodology helped transform their services into simplified and cost-effective services and how our Connected methodology helped empower the council to become more citizen-centric. 

You can watch the recording of both events below.

This is a webinar with a difference where we shared practical case studies and the benefits that a Powered Methodology-enabled services can bring, whilst also ensuring we had time for a valuable debate as a group of peers.

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From fragmented to connected

We heard how KPMG and BCP Council have worked together to help BCP establish:

  • A new whole Council Target Operating Model – compelling vision for a future connected council enabled by digital and data, with a clear implementation roadmap linked to realisable financial benefits;
  • Customer Strategy and whole council Customer Target Operating Model - single view of the Customer and greater ability to self-serve, providing an improved and more connected customer experience enabled through CRM
  • Data and Insights Led Organisation – Council wide data platform providing 360 view of the customer through to enabling services. Using AI/Predictive Analytics to engage early and prevent before issues arise.
  • Enterprise Architecture – a clear view of future technology linked to a Business Capability Framework, allowing significant application rationalisation and process simplification.

Powering forwards to deliver vision and outcomes

We heard how KPMG and BCP Council have used the KPMG Powered methodology to deliver world-class solutions aligned to the new simplified Council Operating Model, tailored specifically to the needs of Local Government.

KPMG’s Powered Methodology has reduced the risk of BCP’s transformation by having a pre-defined road to success. The costs of Powered delivery and implementation are known at the beginning of the transformation journey, delivering on Return on Investment and the promised long-term savings.