• Kashif Javed, Partner |
1 min read

With groups in the technology, media and telco sectors grappling with constant evolution in their markets and the wider tax and regulatory environment, many are struggling to focus and prioritise their efforts in dealing with international tax policy changes in train. So, with that in mind, what are the key priorities for groups to be prepared for as well as ongoing policy developments to monitor?

In this video, Kashif Javed, Partner, Head of International Tax, is joined by Megha Menon, Partner, International Tax and Alistair Pepper, Managing Director, Tax, to discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities facing you as a tax leader when preparing for, and complying with, the Pillar 2 regime in the technology, media and telco sectors – and where you should aim to be in 2024.

KPMG’s professionals are at the forefront of helping organisations to prepare for BEPS 2.0, so if you’d like to discuss how far your organisation’s response will go, get in touch with Kashif.