• Imran Ali, Director |
  • Mina Tezcan, Director |
1 min read

According to our recently published Payments Modernisation report, we know that 10% of banks and building societies struggle to recruit key skills and resources for their payments modernisation programmes. In an environment of advancing technology, this only adds to a challenging landscape to recruit and retain key talent.

So, how should banks and building societies go about finding the best resources for their payments modernisation programmes? And, what advice would we give on recruiting and retaining key talent?

In light of changing technology, how can banks and building societies provide continuous training and development to provide employees with the tools they need to succeed?

Imran Ali and Mina Tezcan explore how organisations can recruit, develop and retain key resources for their payments modernisation programmes.

Here at KPMG, we can offer a wide range of solutions to support banks and building societies on their payments journey - from initial scoping through to the delivery and realisation of change. If you would like to discuss what it means for your organisation, please get in touch.