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Tax leaders have the perfect opportunity to add value to the ESG agenda in their organisation. Watch to see Stuart Tait, Partner, and Chief Technology Officer for Tax & Legal in conversation with Tania Segovia from our Consumer Indirect Tax team and Becky Townsend from our Tax Reimagined team to get their views.

Here’s a summary of their top tips:

1. Put in place a global process owner

You won’t find ESG data just within your traditional financial and transactional data. You need to look for it in other teams. A global process owner can bring together the key stakeholders, look across requirements and remove duplication of effort.

2. Tell a consistent story

It’s not just tax authorities looking at what you say about ESG. It’s consumers and investors too. You need to be sure that you’re telling the same story in your responses to different reporting requirements and have the data to back up your ESG narrative.

3. Don’t wait

New requirements are constantly appearing. Don’t wait for full clarity. Start collecting data and building solid foundations now.

4. Don’t underestimate the value tax can add

Finally, don’t overlook the opportunity for the tax function to add value and help drive a wider business reorganisation.

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