• Kashif Javed, Partner |
1 min read

BEPS and ESG are intertwined. The introduction of Pillar 2 is pushing tax transparency and the importance of better data to the top of the agenda for many companies. So, what can tax leaders do to prepare for this and simultaneously support their organisation’s ESG agenda?

In this video, Soula Demetriou, Partner, Tax is joined by Sarah Norton, Tax Director, Global Compliance & Transformation, and Louise McCarroll, Tax Director, Corporate Tax, to discuss the areas tax leaders should be focussing to get ready for Pillar 2 safe harbour legislations, Public CbCR and their wider ESG agenda/tax transparency reporting.

KPMG’s professionals are at the forefront of helping organisations to prepare for BEPS 2.0, so if you’d like to discuss how we can help you, get in touch.