• Victoria Heard, Partner |
1 min read

It’s no surprise that technology comes up in every conversation I have with clients. They want to understand how they can accelerate their use of digital tools to create capacity in their teams and drive more insight from the data they hold.

Tax and technology have become completely intertwined over the past few years and as tax authorities accelerate their own digital transformations, the pace of change for the tax function has never been more rapid.

As a Head of Tax, you’re being asked to deliver on an ever-expanding set of compliance obligations. And you’re being asked to do that faster and without sacrificing quality. So, how is technology going to shape the future of tax? And as a tax leader, what do you need to do to harness the opportunities for your own tax function?

Alongside Stuart Tait, Chief Technology Officer for Tax & Legal in the UK, and our new tax technology alliance partner, Blue J, we explore how you can harness technology for your own tax function and how technology is going to enable tax professionals to add value and be ready for the future of tax.

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