In an environment that recognises and rewards the accuracy and transparency of financial statements, regulatory compliance and a strong internal framework are the basis for any company's financial growth. Business leaders are more determined than ever to improve existing internal controls and risk management systems to the fullest extent possible, as well as wanting to get the most out of the internal audit function of their company.

KPMG professionals from our Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services (IARCS) practice help clients to focus their attention and efforts on detailed analysis of the risks inherent in existing business processes and their mitigation techniques.

Since an adequate control system is a must in meeting set objectives and risk management goals, KPMG provides your business with solutions built on our proven methodologies and tools to ensure the development and implementation of efficient and leveraged controls.

Our internal audit, risk & compliance services

KPMG IARCS professionals offer a wide range of services that are designed to implement, assess, and improve key business processes and internal control systems. We do this by taking into account global best practices as well as fostering better communication between your company’s key functions.

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