Internal control system implementation is one of the key strategic priorities for companies. Leaders at the most successful businesses rightly recognise internal control systems as reliable management tools that help their organisation to mitigate risk.

KPMG understands the importance of high-quality analysis when it comes to existing processes and global practices, as well as the effective integration of regulatory requirements, and the need to gain an accurate insight into the various business realities that affect your company. Combining this information with standardised internal controls can deliver tangible results and improve a company’s risk management systems. These actions also help company leadership to establish effective and reliable tools that support business governance through regularly analysing and monitoring any company’s ongoing developments.

Our internal control services

  • Internal control assessment and implementation (including corporate controls);
  • Review of your company’s internal control systems when preparing for an IPO. Compliance with the stock exchange requirements (i.e. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliance) related to internal controls and risk management;
  • Cost-cutting projects to provide internal control optimisation;
  • Independent external audit of internal control systems to determine compliance with stock exchange requirements;
  • Company staff training aimed at imparting necessary professional knowledge and technical skills.