We are pleased to present the Ukrainian M&A Radar for H1 2020.

Global economic uncertainty triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has swiftly brought three consecutive years of double-digit growth in Ukrainian M&A to an end. While Ukraine has felt the effects as strongly as its neighbours, recent history has shown that the country has the ability to bounce back effectively from downturns and we expect this situation to be similar. Ukraine has a highly educated low-cost workforce, a plethora of attractive investment targets in the private sector and burgeoning opportunities through forthcoming PPP and privatisations. The country’s strategic location between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, could also see Ukraine benefit from the race to decouple supply chains from China in the wake of the pandemic. So, while we expect M&A activity to remain subdued in H2 2020, we remain optimistic for the medium term.

We invite you to explore the interactive version of M&A Radar: Ukraine H1 2020 >>