In today's environment of constant macro transformation and change, governments and NGOs are faced with new challenges every day. Fortunately, KPMG has the tools and experiences to assist clients in overcoming this high workload while creating and achieving meaningful goals. We help our clients produce project ideas and strategies from conception to implementation. Working with KPMG, our clients receive the combined knowledge of our local teams of professionals hand-in-hand with our network of internationally recognised experts, global experience, and proven practices. To ensure effective cooperation, KPMG has developed KPMG IDAS (International Development Assistance Services), a dedicated community which has already implemented many bold projects for governments and global organisations. Just like our clients, we’re mindful of our collective impact on our shared planet which is why KPMG Impact has been involved in implementing numerous large-scale environmental projects all over the world.

KPMG in Ukraine’s Public Sector team provides a broad range of Advisory, Tax & Legal, Accounting, and Audit services to multiple organisations at all levels of local governance; from central government to local administrations and public entities. We have a solid track record of assisting state-owned enterprises and banks, and municipal organisations, as well as providing multiple modern key services: Strategy & Operations, Policy & Legal Advice, Sustainable Development, Cyber Security, Digitalisation, Corporate Governance & Compliance, and Investment Attraction. On a broader scale, KPMG in Ukraine’s strategic areas of competence are Energy, Transport and Infrastructure, Banking and Finance, Agriculture, Healthcare, and the Pharmaceutical industry.


divider public sector

Our main service lines

Our key Advisory services for the Public Sector can be divided into a number of competence clusters. KPMG’s Risk & Regulatory cluster provides advice on internal audit and risk / compliance management, corporate governance, and ESG policy. The Strategy & Operations cluster focuses on strategic planning, business-process analysis & optimisation, organisation redesign, HR transformation, procurement, and customer excellence. Financial risk-management enables our clients to pro-actively deal with treasury, risk, and credit-management issues to make large-scale financial function transformations. Finally, KPMG’s Technology cluster provides key digital and tech services fit for the modern world; such as IT audit and assessment, data management & analytics, digital transformation, and Cyber Security.

Our legal experts provide a full scope of services relevant to the public sector, from comparative legal analysis to drafting laws and sub-law documents, from consulting on local regulatory requirements to implementing best practices, from deal structuring to support and advice about organisational transformations. KPMG in Ukraine has significant experience of working with local government, state-owned enterprises and banks, regional and civic authorities, and international development organisation; meaning that we are able support a wide range of clients in unstable and complex regulatory environments and provide comprehensive policy advice.


Deal advisory provides in-depth market research, investment and asset management strategy development, as well as advice for those seeking investment options and possible partners. Our team has experience over a wide range of industries and across the complete suite of deal options: privatisation, public-private partnership, mergers and acquisitions, and debt advisory. Providing independent due diligence, deal structuring and preparation for both buy-side and sell-side clients, KPMG are a trusted partner for both governmental and private clients.

Independent audit, assessment, and verification are all crucial for transparent and effective decisions, especially in the public sector. As one of KPMG’s core competencies, we have a proven track record providing a wide range of audit and assurance services to Ukraine’s largest and most complex industries.

Key Services involved in the Public sector

Strategy and Operations
Public sector
Cyber Security

Strategy & Operations

We help governments, industries, and organisations to develop and instrumentalise their strategies. Public actors often require support for their organisational design solutions, business process re-design, and preparation for digitalisation. We help our clients to achieve their goals by supporting their transformations.


Policy & Legal Advice

KPMG provides our clients with a full range of policy and legal services with our extensive local and vast global experience, and the ongoing support of our team of professionals can prevent difficulties with the law, enhance attentiveness, and help verify that your activities are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

ESG practice – sustainable development

KPMG IMPACT’s environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability practice helps clients understand and adapt to new and emerging changes to the business landscape by developing responsible and sustainable strategies, business models, operations, and investments. The services provided by this practice include: ESG strategy, ESG risk management, ethical supply chain (including human rights), and the circular economy.

Cyber Security

Together with the increasing need for economic and governmental process digitalisation, there is exponential growth in the need to address cyber security threats. Securing personal data, protecting critical infrastructure, and sustaining government services and systems are some of the top priorities for governments all over the world. KPMG’s team supports public organisations, state-owned companies, and financial institutions to avoid data leaks and system interruptions, and build safe, reliable, and user-friendly digital environments.


KPMG’s key services include assistance with digitalisation processes. We are keenly aware of the need to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the digital and technical landscape of a region, and our global experience and comprehensive expertise helps KPMG’s clients to implement the most complex and demanding of projects.

Digital transformation
Corporate governance and compliance
Investment Attraction

Justice and anti-corruption

Our anti-corruption professionals have extensive experience, knowledge, and global reach. KPMG helps our clients to define, assess, and respond to bribery and corruption issues, even when businesses span multiple jurisdictions and are governed by many different regulators.


Corporate governance and compliance

Good corporate governance is a foundational attribute for any healthy organisation, setting the tone for how you operate and behave both internally and toward the market in general. Corporate governance defines the relationship between the Board of Directors, management, and the rest of the organisation, expressing the reliability and stability of businesses and institutions to all stakeholders.

Investment attraction

Investments is one of the most effective ways to stimulate economic development; attracting financing and new players to the market helps clients to achieve their wider goals of providing better services, becoming more competitive on both domestic and international markets, and creating healthy competition to encourage innovation and improvement. KPMG in Ukraine’s core competencies include privatisation, public-private partnerships, investment opportunities and new potential partner discovery, deal structuring and preparation, policy advice on better investment strategies, and a host of methods to help investors take the temperature of the business climate of a country.

Transformation through deals
Transport and Infrastructure


The energy sector needs a disciplined approach when preparing for both anticipated and unexpected changes and KPMG firms can help. The energy industry remains challenged by volatile commodity prices, an increasing trend toward decarbonisation, and a shifting economic, regulatory, and competitive landscape. We help both the public and private sector when it comes to evaluating and adjusting their supply chains and operating models to meet the demands of the current environment, as well as in identifying strategic trends, deal opportunities, new markets, and capital improvements.

Transport and Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the backbone of the economy and one of the biggest areas of concern for any government. KPMG’s Infrastructure team comprises a mix of specialists in financial and transaction advisory, economic consulting, strategy and business planning, major project advisory services, and digital and technology implementation, meaning that we can offer a value proposition from concept to delivery. As KPMG’s member firms advise both public- and privately-owned transport groups, we have in-depth knowledge of every aspect of logistical industry; railroads, ports, shipping, airports, road infrastructure, and more. We understand the financial and operational drivers of the transport sector and can assist our clients in dealing with current and emerging issues and logistical trends. 



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