Frequently asked questions


Find answers for the most frequently asked questions.

How can I participate in the Graduate Recruitment Campaign and the Internship Program?

To participate in the Graduate Recruitment Program or Internship Program, you need to register with the KPMG Recruitment System.

Where does my application form go?

Your application form is processed by the recruitment section of the People Group. The initial selection of candidates is also made at this stage.

When will I get an answer from KPMG?

We understand that looking for work is a stressful process and do everything in our power to respond to applicants as quickly as possible.

If you have been selected for an interview, we will either telephone you to agree on a date and time for the interview, or send you an e-mail with the relevant details. Please make sure that you provide all your contact details so that we can get in touch with you during business hours.

As we may also contact you by e-mail, it is important that you have a working e-mail address and that you check your e-mail regularly. You can clarify the status of your application by contacting the recruitment team at +380 (44) 490 5507.

What is the starting salary for university graduates at KPMG?

The salary level offered to new employees at KPMG corresponds to the market level. You can obtain more information about the compensation system and benefits package during your first interview. Other sections of our website have information about the additional benefits of working for KPMG.

What is the deadline for submitting documents?

The deadline for applications depends on the specific program. Please refer to the information provided in the "Calendar of events" section of our website.

Please see the "Vacancies" section of our website for more information on vacancies.