Selection stages

Selection stages

Find out about our selection process, from the application phase through to assessments, interviews and offers.

Find out about our selection process, from the application phase through to offers.

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Candidate Selection Stages

If you would like to work for KPMG, registration with the KPMG Recruitment System is just the first step in the recruitment process. This section describes all the subsequent steps of the process.

First stage – testing

Depending on the position that you're applying for and the nature of the future work, you will be asked to take special tests. If you want to work in the Audit Department, you will be asked to complete a number of assignments combined in one test. During this test, we will review your knowledge of written English and your ability to work quickly and effectively with numerical and textual information.

If you obtained sufficient points to meet the established minimum, you will be invited to take part in the second stage of the selection process.

Second stage – HR interview

If your application has interested us, we will invite you for your first interview with a representative of the recruitment group. We advise you to prepare for this meeting. The interview usually lasts about 45 minutes. Although it will be conducted primarily in Ukrainian, rest assured that a small part of the interview will be conducted in English. During the interview, we will assess your motivation and personal qualities and make a general evaluation of your professional level and your knowledge of English.

Third stage – interview with management of the department

At this stage, there will be several interviews (from one to three) with managers of the relevant department. They will evaluate your professional skills, experience and knowledge as well as level of English and your motivation.

Fourth stage – offer of employment

If you have successfully completed the third stage, you will be called, or if necessary a letter will be sent, with an offer of employment with KPMG. It is highly appreciated if you take a decision on whether to take up the offer within two working days. Naturally we will be delighted if your desire to start a strong and successful career leads you to choose our firm.