We believe that business plays an important role in public life and can really help address the most challenging problems in modern world.

Commitment to our communities is one of KPMG's core values

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach to CSR is based on the belief that business plays an important role not just in economic life, but in public life as a whole; and can really help address the most challenging problems in the modern world.

The main goal of our CSR programmes at KPMG in Ukraine is to identify and support the most effective solutions to social problems, so as to achieve lasting and visible change.

Our corporate social responsibility strategy covers three key areas: helping local communities, educational projects and protecting the environment.

Success of our programs, some systemic and long-term, others targeted and simpler in execution, is owed to financing enabled by our teams and the firm, and also to time, ideas, energy, skills and experiences of our volunteers. These resources combined, grant us a stronger chance of solving some of the problems in the social sphere.

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Community Activities

KPMG employees are actively involved in various projects, regularly contributing to the well-being of children with special needs. 

KPMG internal projects are aimed at supporting and developing local communities. Employees regularly donate blood, participate in volunteer projects.

Educational Projects

KPMG in Ukraine regularly implements educational projects for students and young professionals.

KPMG provides audit, tax, legal and consulting services. Therefore, one of our main tasks is capacity building of schools and colleges, working with children and young people, investing in practical skills that can be used to benefit business and society in general.

Environmental Projects

Projects aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment.

We are committed to enabling our people to contribute to ourenvironmentprotection programme. We have established local volunteering relationships with a number of community organisationsand implemented the concept of "green office".

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