Most issues in the delivery of infrastructure projects stem from a failure to get the basics right. The uncertainty and risk associated with the estimation of resources, time and cost, alongside ineffective governance, controls and reporting creates a divisive project environment. This leads to a blame culture that can spiral out of control.

At KPMG, we have reviewed thousands of projects to provide clarity to clients on root causes and measures to implement for improving project performance. Our team of experts can implement agile interventions to enable the project delivery team to focus on forward-looking solutions rather than on the non-productive behaviour of deflecting blame.

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Our expert assurance team provides unique insights into what good governance, controls and reporting look like. It also assists you when something goes wrong. Our team includes engineers, quantity surveyors, project accountants, project managers and planners, all with extensive industry experience.

We use this skill and knowledge to quickly review and assess vast amounts of information. We use it to identify underlying causes of performance deterioration and recommend improvement actions. Typical examples of work we have undertaken include:

  • Design and implementation of a capital project assurance framework for a multi-national mining group with a £10bn capital spend programme 
  • Due diligence review of the cost estimate for the government on the first new nuclear power station in the UK for 30 years 
  • Review of 120+ projects out of a portfolio of 6,000 for a major contracting organisation in the UK to identify performance issues and suggest improvement actions
  • Readiness review for a large charity at the request of the risk and audit committee to assess whether their project team adequately dealt with all risks prior to them signing a large construction contract with the main contractor 
  • SME support to KPMG audit teams in the review of long-term contracts 
  • Service contract review for a major UK contractor to identify key risks and challenge the commercial and financial forecasts 
  • Review of a major contractor’s contract and commercial controls across multiple divisions and compared them to good practices 
  • Review of a major infrastructure project to assess the appropriateness of the governance and controls and the organisation’s forecast of time and cost to complete the project

How We Can Help You

  • Design and implementation of progressive assurance frameworks
  • Independent reviews of projects through their full lifecycle from investment decision to completion, commissioning and handover
  • Internal and external audit services
  • Independent analysis of schedule, cost and risk
  • Advice on risk allocation, selection of appropriate contracting strategies, procurement and effective contract management
  • Advice to contractors on all aspects of project controls including commercial management, reporting and risk
  • Strategic procurement advice

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