Across the infrastructure sector, there is increasing cost pressure on procurement programmes and greater scrutiny of processes. There is also a growing trend to drive innovation through procurement and deliver sustainable results to stakeholders. More than ever, businesses need the support of a highly skilled and collaborative advisor. This will help them navigate the evolving landscape and deliver successful procurement projects.

The Infrastructure Advisory Group advises both public and private sector clients in the development and delivery of infrastructure procurement programmes. This includes major infrastructure projects that are typically bespoke and complex.

Our goal is to support you to acquire assets and services in the most efficient way. We help you achieve the project objectives and deliver the best value for money (VFM) outcome.

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  • Developing tailored procurement strategies that consider the value, complexity, objectives and risks of each procurement. This includes determining the optimal packaging approach and procurement route for authorities and helping bidders formulate tendering strategy.
  • Devising and delivering market engagement activities to inform and refine the procurement strategy. It is important that organisations have a clear understanding of market appetite. This allows them to make informed decisions which impact the attractiveness, timeline and risk profile of the project.
  • Advising on the merits of different procurement approaches and supporting in the design of a bespoke procurement process in consultation with legal advisors.
  • Supporting the development of tender documentation, including evaluation criteria to best reflect the project’s objectives. Getting this right is critical as it drives competition and determines how innovation can be incorporated. We support bidders in developing compelling and competitive tenders.
  • Developing simple and accurate bid templates and ensuring that the evaluation methodology is fair and clearly set out. This supports the transparency and robustness of the process.
  • Drawing on our breadth of experience to support in contract negotiations. We understand first-hand the perspectives and strategies of both sides of the market. Our teams have extensive experience in advising both procuring agencies and private sector bidders.

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