Governance, Risk, & Compliance

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

KPMG’s IT, Technology and Controls Integration services help clients streamline the GRC process.

KPMG’s GRC Technology services help clients streamline the GRC process.

Help streamline the GRC process, eliminate manual efforts by leveraging the capabilities of GRC automation, and provide monitoring capabilities to achieve enterprise assurance.

Clients gain technical support to manage the GRC process, saving management time, reducing the risk of errors, and strengthening governance practices.

Our team of professionals assists clients with the technology enablement necessary to support their GRC processes. This includes assistance with creating the ROI value proposition, selecting GRC software vendors, implementing the GRC software, and assessing the opportunities for broader GRC convergence through automation. We guide our clients from the development of the strategy to implementation and follow-up, providing the tools and expertise necessary along the way.


Challenges companies are facing today:

  • More complex risks, increased regulatory scrutiny and a more rigorous compliance environment have significantly increased the challenges for companies’ Governance, Risk & Compliance functions.
  • Siloed approaches in responding to these requirements have led to duplication of functions and multi-layered Governance, Risk & Compliance processes.
  • Despite spiraling costs associated with these effects, board executives struggle to see the value generated by these activities beyond achieving the mandatory compliance.

Why work with KPMG?

  • A flexible team with the right experience - We will bring our most qualified people with in-depth knowledge and experience in GRC implementation. 
  • A structured approach with the right vision - Our proven approach focuses on the needs of your organization and goes beyond the achievement of pure a technical solution. 
  • A proven toolkit to accelerate your redesign - Our approach also includes a toolkit containing tangible tools & templates that are ready to use throughout the project.
  • The reference for IT GRC projects - We have extended national and international experience in assisting clients in IT GRC projects. In the Benelux region we have supported multiple organizations in the implementation of GRC Solutions, SAP Authorization Concepts, IAM improvement roadmaps and SAP Control Frameworks.


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