Deal advisory

Deal advisory

KPMG’s integrated team of specialists works at deal speed to help you find and drive value throughout your transformation and transaction lifecycle.

An integrated team of specialists working at deal speed to help you find and drive value.

Buying a business? Selling a business? Providing capital to fund a business? Starting a joint-venture in Tunisia?

All you need is one-stop to get you from A to Z in your business deals.

Business today is under more pressure than ever to deliver better, lasting results for stakeholders. At KPMG, we think like an investor, looking at how opportunities to buy, sell, partner, fund or fix a company can add and preserve value.

Today’s deals do not happen in a vaccum. So from your business strategy to your acquisition strategy, your plans for divestments or for raising funds, or even your need to restructure, every decision must be made in light of your entire business, your sector, and the global economy.

Each transaction and strategic decision requires an in-depth understanding of your company, your industry, and the world market environment. For every engagement we will deploy the right experts with particular and extensive knowledge and experience in the relevant transaction and transformation topics in order to equip with you feasible, sutainable, and practical solutions.

The Deal Advisory specialists in Tunisia will particularly be able to support you in the following topics:

Due Diligence: Transparency on chances and risk on any transaction is the basis for future value appreciation.

M&A: Buying and selling a business create future opportunities, but also are considered one of the most substantial entrepreneurial decisions.

Equity Capital Markets: A strong equity base and structure are key factors for a company's sustainable growth.

Strategy / Strategy Consulting: In-depth strategic analysis and practicable measures help ensure the sustainability of the business model.
Valuation / Corporate Finance: We can offer tailored solutions for different business valuations in combination with extensive product knowledge and detailed industry expertise.

Financial Modelling: Transparent illustration can aid decision-making on investment plans and financing alternatives.
Financial Restructuring: Independent expertise creates trust as a basis for a successful financial restructuring.

Turnaround: Effective profit- and cost-reflective measures ensure room to manoeuver and to increase stakeholders' trust.

Liquidation: By the appropriate methods and structured approaches, insolvency situations may be turned into value.

At KPMG Tunisia our Deal Advisory department consists of professionals who have a wide range of industry-specific knowledge and expertise. 

Real results, achieved by integrated specialists.

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