Navigating Business Change

Navigating Business Change

Organizations have to sustain in a world of constant change.

Organizations have to sustain in a world of constant change.

Organizations have to sustain in a world where volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are ubiquitously present.

Companies need to be able to innovate and transform in order to stay smart in this world.

Leaders of today have to be able to lead their people through the change, from start to finish. Often this is neglected, and as a result the transformation doesn’t obtain the promising benefits. The right integrated focus on change management ensures that the organization is fully aware, willing and able to cope with the transformation and the new way of working.


We don’t believe in the change for change. The business case for change has to be clear and aligned with the overall business case for the transformation. Our goal is to help support your organization and your leadership when change is needed. To coach your teams in an approach to sharpen your change capabilities, and help you obtain the benefits of necessary transformation.


How we can help

  • Through collaboration with your organization and its leaders, KPMG can help you navigate change in any type of transformation.
  • We help you develop strategies that deal with how changes to structure, processes, or technology impact your business and people
  • We help you cope with emerging technologies enabling you to accelerate your business
  • We can support and coach you in developing a future solution that is not only technically outstanding, but is also embraced by your people
  • We can help you strengthen your capabilities to benefit from future technologies
  • Benefits
  • A flexible team with the right experience
  • A structured approach with the right vision
  • A proven toolkit to accelerate your redesign
  • An integrated approach 
  • A coached approach


Our Approach

  • We help you focus on detecting barriers to change, and how to pragmatically and proactively managing change risks. Change transformation is driven and supported by:
  • A thorough assessment to understand what you are asking people to change and what the major challenges will be (Analysis)
  • Executing a comprehensive change plan aimed at proactively addressing and mitigating change resistance (Engagement)
  • Equipping your team for sustainable performance and true integration of change (Delivery)
  • Using Communication as a strategic change lever to proactively manage organizational and individual resistance and enable buy-in.

It is an iterative process with change management techniques applied in a situational context and often running in parallel.

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