KPMG Thailand Climate Change and Sustainability Services can help you understand and address social, economic and environmental challenges. Our sustainability services practice is part of a global  network comprising of more than 500 dedicated sustainability professionals, delivering advisory and assurance services in more than 50 countries. Our global network offers more than 30 years of sustainability knowledge and experience – all of which can be leveraged to support your business needs.

  • We aim to provide guidance in terms of best  ‘business’ (rather than NGO or engineering  based) practices to manage environmental,  social and economic sustainability challenges.
  • Our team utilizes its extensive experience  across a variety of environmental and social  issues, in addition to sector and process  expertise, to generate fit-for-purpose business-  ready recommendations.
  • We assist our clients in digesting and understanding complex and long-term sustainability topics and trends that may impact their operations.
  • We also provide insights from our global  network, which help our clients to be at the forefront of global movements.

How can we help?

Our service offerings have been developed to  assist you in your sustainability journey, from initial integration to obtaining external assurance for public sustainability disclosures. We have extensive experience working with organizations in a wide array of sectors, including financial services, oil and gas, government, transport and consumer goods.

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