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Combining tech and human expert knowledge

Our digital valuation tools are tailored to meet your needs, supporting you through every stage of the transaction process. The tools facilitate and accelerate decision-making that has a direct impact on the development and future success of the company. It also provide access to an extensive, high-quality database, as well as automated analyzes and calculations necessary to conduct an effective transaction process.

We combines the expertise of valuation specialists and technology-savvy professionals to offer tools that provide access to a quality database, along with the essential automated analyses and calculations, ensuring an effective and efficient transaction experience tailored to your needs.


Implementation model of the offered tools

Our ready-to-use tools are available as a subscription to the online platform. The scope of the subscription is determined depending on the tool selection, the number of positions needed, and its validity period. 

The subscription offer includes:

  • Ready-to-use, fully functional and intuitive online platform
  • Access to a constantly updated database with history since 2012, containing data from 150 countries and over 13,000 enterprises
  • Export of results (in Excel format and pdf reports)
  • Support from an expert from the KPMG valuation team if needed (not available to KPMG audit clients) 

Our solutions are constantly developed and updated by a multidisciplinary team of valuation and technology experts. 

What will you gain from our tools?

Access the data whenever you need

With capital markets parameters for 150 countries and for >13,500 companies world wide, access the data you need in an easy format to support your discount rate derivation.

Peer company multiples derivation

Readily formatted market multiples for publicly traded companies, with exportable results, calculated according to common valuation practice.

Early insights into your purchase accounting 

Get a preliminary purchase price allocation analysis based on a few key inputs. (Note, not available to KPMG audit clients) 

Improve your start-up's reporting to investors

Back up your venture's business plan with facts and professionally present to your investors. 

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