Romanian Immigration Services

Romanian Immigration Services

We are members of KPMG’s global immigration network with immigration specialists in more than 100 countries

We are members of KPMG’s global immigration network in more than 100 countries

We are members of KPMG’s global immigration network with immigration specialists in more than 100 countries, so we can help you get necessary visas, work and residence permits, determine applicable visa categories and advise you on immigration topics and processes worldwide.

We have the best integrated technology. KPMG Immigration Manager (KIM) is a newly launched electronic platform which supports end to end case management. It can provide you with a single platform to manage immigration cases on a global basis.

KPMG in Romania has provided immigration services for over 15 years, assisting many multinational companies which bring staff to Romania, Romanian companies which hire from abroad as well as Romania-based firms which send employees on assignments to other countries. Most of our clients have inbound expatriates to Romania coming from a wide range of geographical areas, including Europe, Asia, America, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

As an integral part of the People Services and Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice in Romania, KPMG’s immigration practice offers rounded, flexible and full-scope services tailored to clients’ specific needs, covering a wide range of issues relating to immigration law and global mobility.

Our Immigration Services

KPMG’s Romanian immigration practice provides a full-spectrum of immigration services including:

Compliance services, which assist clients in meeting the requirements of immigration law.
Assessment of immigration requirements for inbound busi¬ness trips, assignments, transfers and new hires.
Advice for clients’ HR/Global Mobility teams on optimal ap¬proaches and the implementation of immigration procedures.
Application support in obtaining the appropriate visas, work and/or residence permits for employees and their depen¬dents, including coordination of all correspondence with government agencies and continued monitoring, support and notifications after approval.
Support services, such as translation, notarization and legalization of an individual’s personal documents (certificate of criminal record, study diploma, marriage certificate, birth certificate etc.).
Tracking of status expiry dates and handling of extension processes.
Training sessions for individuals or groups relating to Roma¬nian immigration issues.
Updates and timely alerts for clients in relation to relevant changes to immigration policies.

Application Support

Business visitor admission 
Long-stay visas 
Work Permit applications 
ICT (intra-corporate/company transfer) permit applications 
Registration certificate applications for EU citizens
Residence Permit applications and extensions 
EU Blue Cards for highly-skilled workers 
Study Permit applications 
Volunteering Permit applications 
Permanent Residence Permit applications 
Family Reunification process for dependents 
Notifying the Assignment of international assignees to the local labor authorities 
Diploma Validation Certificates 
Apostille/over-legalization assistance 
Change of Foreign Driving Licenses into Romanian Driving Licenses 
Deregistration/ Cancellation of immigration documents 
Romanian Citizenship assistance 
Assistance in special and/or urgent cases (i.e. preparing Memoranda and attending meetings with the authorities) 
Other immigration related issues (i.e. Health Insurance registration / Authorizations to leave the country / Assistance with travel certificates / Short-term visas for outbound business visitors etc.)

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