Global Mobility Services - Romania

Global Mobility Services - Romania

Aligning our thinking to your talent management objectives, we can support you with the planning and management of your international workforce.

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Many organisations currently faced with pressure to compete for talent find a need to increase the size and scope of their global workforce.  

Managing the demands involved in growing a global workforce involves new challenges for these organisations which require them to effectively manage their employees wherever in the world they are based. This can use up significant resources.

Whether it is assisting with the relocation of an executive or planning a short term international assignment, companies and their employees face a multitude of issues above and beyond the need to file personal income tax returns. These can include tax efficient remuneration planning, social security and pension issues, immigration requirements, employment law considerations, etc.

How can KPMG help your business?

We have the people, experience and technology to help many different types of companies. Our local Global Mobility practice provides a proactive service delivery model covering broad compliance and advisory services to help organisations deal with personal tax, social security, employment law and immigration both for their internationally mobile workforce as well as for local employees.

KPMG in Romania's Global Mobility professionals prepare individually personalised tax returns for our clients' international assignees. Our services cover the compliance cycle: from pre-departure or post-arrival advice, income tax return preparation, tax reconciliations and hypothetical tax calculations, to correspondence with tax authorities, and assistance during tax audits.

But our objective is to provide value beyond the mere preparation of tax returns.

By working closely with our clients, we provide advisory services that are designed to help both the company and its employees derive long-term efficiencies. We also offer payroll advisory and compliance services to help companies comply with withholding and reporting requirements.

Social security can be a very complex topic, especially in the context of European Union rules on free movement of workers. Our professionals can help employers and individuals comply with domestic and international social security rules to plan and mitigate social security tax and ensure cost control for the organisation.

Immigration to Romania continues to be a time-consuming and burdensome administrative process both for non-Romanian individuals as well as for local companies wishing to engage them into their business. We have an experienced team of professionals providing immigration services, covering the entire cycle: from obtaining Romanian short-term or long-term visas, to securing work and residence permits and registration certificates for both international assignees as well as their family members. Our services aim to reduce the administrative burden on the international assignee and the company, giving them more time to focus on their core business. 

Our Global mobility practice also provides advisory services with the aim of increasing the return on investment made in international assignees and benchmarking global assignment policies against comparable competitor groups. Our Global Mobility practice is also integrated with other people-related service lines (payroll outsourcing and advisory services, employment law services and Human Resources advisory services) under the wider People Services umbrella, which holistically addresses the challenges faced by organizations in the area of Human Resources.

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