KPMG QuercusApp Performance

KPMG QuercusApp Performance

QuercusApp is the Real-Time Performance Management Solution

QuercusApp is the Real-Time Performance Management Solution

KPMG QuercusApp Performance: the solution for a continuous, forward-looking process

Traditional cycles of annual reviews, forced rankings and ratings have become increasingly obsolete in today’s work environment.

The annual appraisal process is often perceived as an exercise in process compliance rather than a genuine tool for driving better performance and more engaged workers.

Our solution: KPMG QuercusApp Performance is a cloud-based software application, which consists of three modules that are perfectly intertwined. It is built on a modular approach so you can select some of these modules or all.

How does KPMG QuercusApp Perfomance work?


  • Managers and employees can create objectives all year round with a few simple clicks
  • Objectives are designed to be dynamic, monitor achievement progress and keep up with your ever-changing environment

Ongoing feedback

  • Employees ask for and give feedback in real-time, wherever they are
  • The feedback is based on the relevant skills for your company, which makes it specific and structured
  • Employees can access insightful overviews through real-time analytics based on feedback received, and are able to monitor strengths and areas for development 
  • Managers can view feedback received by their teams so they’ll know exactly what and where to improve and how to coach their teams for success

Performance reviews

  • Managers and employees can create performance reviews in QuercusApp 
  • Whether a year-end, interim or specific projects review, there is no need to remember a year’s worth of work. It’s all in the App, which makes for more meaningful performance discussions

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