KPMG QuercusApp Performance brings i4.0 to HR departments

KPMG QuercusApp Performance brings i4.0 to HR

KPMG in Romania today launched KPMG QuercusApp Performance, a new technology-enabled solution for continuous feedback, blending innovative technology and intelligent feedback systems.


Director, Marketing

KPMG in Romania


The solution aims to help clients strengthen their performance by enabling cooperation, engagement and continuous development of employees.

“Including KPMG QuercusApp Performance in our People Services portfolio provides organizations with a path to use the latest technology to reinvent their performance management process from a box-ticking exercise into a continuous, forward-looking process through real-time feedback”, says Mădălina Racovițan, Partner, Head of People Services, KPMG in Romania.

KPMG QuercusApp Performance enables real-time feedback exchange on a continuous basis in a platform that is user-friendly, engaging and easy to adopt. Employees and managers can ask for and give feedback in real-time; they can have a constant pulse on their performance and are thus able to act upon it by improving or coaching others every day, not just once a year.

“As the labour market evolves under the pressure of new tech and new generations, more and more organizations must adapt their people strategies and move towards a “customer experience” mindset to enhance the overall employee experience, the same way they focus on serving clients. I believe KPMG QuercusApp Performance is an excellent fit for such organizations,” continued Racovițan.

The application can be an attractive solution to companies interested in managing and automating their entire performance management process, from the objective setting stage, to monitoring and developing performance through continuous feedback, up to performance review. All in one place, allowing managers and employees to focus on developing performance, leveraging technology to disrupt outdated strategies in an AI era.

“We are glad to see an exponential growth of HR technology solutions that have become so much easier to adopt and implement. I believe that the case for technology in HR is as strong as for other functions: potential to achieve operational excellence, improve employee experience and accelerate innovation have been strong arguments for us when implementing this solution ourselves at KPMG. We are happy to see many organizations exploring HR technology solutions, which confirms once again that many of the organizational processes of the past are no longer suitable for the future or even the present time,” stated René Schöb, Partner, Head of Tax & Legal, KPMG in Romania.

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