Powering energy and resources

Powering energy and resources

Energy and resources adapt their business to a new normal of turbulence.

Energy and resources adapt their business to a new normal of turbulence.

Helping energy and resource companies manage, respond to new normal of turbulence.

"Ever-changing economic, regulatory and societal forces necessitate that energy and resource players manage and in many instances transform their businesses to respond to a new normal of turbulence." - Michiel Soeting, Chairman, Global Energy & Natural Resources

Turbulence in energy and natural resources markets is nothing new, but it is particularly intense today. This is due to a number of economic and market forces – including changing domestic energy policies, non-traditional sources of energy, new competitors, and disruptive technologies – that are putting enormous stress on companies’ operations and business models.

Driving operational excellence

Working with clients across the energy and resources spectrum, KPMG professionals are helping leading organizations focus on improving business performance, portfolio rationalization, cost reduction and, in the case of oil and gas and mining companies, finding new areas for exploration.

Technology is having a major impact on the sector. Energy and resources companies, not unlike other industries, must address issues such as cybersecurity and heightened regulatory compliance requirements, while also using technology to gain an advantage in managing large volumes of data, and to make better decisions in exploration and production.

Key to our work with these clients is our Data & Analytics (D&A) capabilities, which helps to provide actionable insights in such areas as risk intelligence and power optimization using predictive and analytic tools. We’re working with clients to improve performance across the value chain, where the use of both D&A and cloud-based services is providing them with key insights in areas such as business development and exploration.

Transforming strategies and business models

Many clients are seeking insights and best practices as they rethink their strategies, and in many cases, transform their businesses. Dynamics such as the massive impact of shale oil and gas, changing customers and new market entrants are forcing companies to transition to new, more nimble strategies and business models.

This is where KPMG is playing an increasingly important role, with our in-depth expertise and experience with energy and resources from a global and local perspective. Our Centers of Excellence, and knowledge hubs (such as our Global Energy Institutes in Singapore, Berlin, and Houston) connect clients directly with KPMG teams from around the world, and the global KPMG network provides on-the-ground industry and market know-how that is often unavailable from other strategy consultants.

The seamless approach of our network enables clients to receive consistent service wherever they operate, with access to insights and best practices globally, regionally and from a team with local knowledge and insight.



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