COVID-19 – Tax Measures

Rebroadcast of a webcast from March 30, 2020.

Rebroadcast of a webcast


The COVID-19 pandemic and the related income drop, cost increase and supply chain disruption, topped up by the requirement of timely settlement of liabilities, including those of public law nature, bring a whole new range of challenges to be faced by entrepreneurs, which may lead to losing financial liquidity and, in consequence, bankruptcy.

During the webcast our experts will present the repertoire of existing and planned solutions offered by law (including the new "Anti-Crisis Shield"), which may reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on financial stability of businesses.

Rebroadcast of a webcast entitled "COVID-19 – Tax Measures" is available until March 30, 2022.

Topics to be covered:

  • Business issues and expected support;
  • Tax measures already available (deferred payment, instalments, tax waiver);
  • "Anti-Crisis Shield" proposed by the Polish government;
  • European outlook.

The webcast will be hosted by:

  • Marcin Rudnicki, Tax Partner, Head of International Tax at KPMG in Poland;
  • Łukasz Kupiec, Tax Assistant Manager, Tax Litigation and Controversy at KPMG in Poland.
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