Our Communities

Our Communities

Embrace corporate citizenship by helping the world become a better place.

Embrace corporate citizenship by helping the world become a better place.

We improve communities.

With pressing global issues of poverty, climate change and inequality, it is important that our people fulfill their roles in improving our society and in protecting the environment.

partners for forest

Partners for forests


To combat climate change and help provide additional income to the locals, our Citigroup Shared Services - Manila engagement team and KPMG's Global Citi team partnered with the Foundation for the Philippine Environment, Inc. (FPE) to conduct a tree planting activity wherein they helped restore the forestlands inside the Upper Marikina River Basin Landscape (UMRBL). Our volunteers each had their share of hope and desire to further participate in similar projects aimed at helping maintain a safe and clean environment for the future. 

liter of light

Liter of light


Geared towards helping children achieve their dreams through education, we partnered up with Liter of Light, a global grassroots movement, to make 100 sustainable solar lamps to bring hope to children living in Tondo, Manila who have limited or no access to electricity. Our people helped fellow citizens recycle plastic bottles and locally sourced materials to illuminate their homes, businesses and streets. This initiative was conducted in partnership with our Citigroup Shared Services – Manila engagement team.

rehabilitate to educate

Rehabilitate to educate


We put utmost importance in educating our people and society.

To help the children enjoy a better learning environment at the Malanday Elementary School in Marikina, our volunteers, in partnership with Renovate to Educate (REd), built blackboards, teacher’s tables, comfort room doors, and reinforced over 200 chairs for the school’s students. Our people also provided resources through donations of sports equipment, books, and other school and medical supplies.