Financial Services

Financial Services

Our Financial Services practice can help financial institutions make better decisions about performance, growth, governance and prudential matters.

Our team can help make better decisions about performance, growth and prudential matters.

The Papua New Guinea financial services industry continues to maintain its relatively strong position compared to many other developed economies.

The strategic agenda for the industry is dominated by evolving regulation and embedding a risk management culture, demographic changes, increased investment in technology, including core systems, mobile platforms and social media and with new competition from non-traditional financial services’ entrants a renewed focus on the customer.

KPMG supports our clients in responding to the strategic agenda by assisting them to anticipate future challenges, capitalise on opportunities and execute projects effectively.

How we can help

KPMG’s Financial Services practice provides audit, tax and advisory services to all sectors across the industry:

We work closely with our clients and focus on the issues that really matter, including:

Risk Management
Improving risk management practices and decision-making underpinned by an appropriate risk culture, infrastructure, systems and processes.

Responding to growth of smart phone payments and payments systems which allow for real time payments.

Financial System Inquiry
Contributing to the review of Australia’s financial sector, with an objective and cross-industry perspective. Read our latest thinking and insights on the Financial System Inquiry.

Regulatory Agenda
Supporting our clients with new regulations that have a significant impact on the industry.

Data & Analytics
Gaining value from 'Big Data' to understand customer behaviour and predict consumer needs, inform strategy and drive product.

Customer & Channel
Understanding client needs and building revenue through enhanced sales force effectiveness, improved customer relationships and optimising delivery channels.

Technology Transformation
Enhance transformation project success in realising targeted benefits and timeframes.