2022 update

During the pandemic, KPMG's Digital Lighthouse team went on a journey to understand the level of maturity in New Zealand's data and analytics field. We wanted to offer a benchmark for local organisations, providing more nuance than global research allows. 

This year, we review the views of digital and data leaders across New Zealand in 2022, exploring how things have - or haven't - changed in the past two years. 

Snapshot of findings


of New Zealand organisations surveyed said data and insights informed their strategy, down from 76% in 2020. 


of those surveyed acquire and store data from external sources, but 78% said outsourcing must be collaborative in order to trust the data and analytics.


of those surveyed did not believe that their organisation has a need to manage internal or external ESG data. 

Explore more results in our interactive dashboard below. To reset the filters, refresh the page.     

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