The 2022 KPMG New Zealand CEO Outlook provides unique insight into the mindset, strategies and planning tactics of New Zealand CEOs in comparison to leaders in the rest of the world. 

KPMG surveyed 1,325 CEOs across the globe in July and August 2022 and we have collated the views of thirty business leaders in New Zealand to highlight their priorities in the coming months and years. 

A rise in natural disasters, the invasion of Ukraine, and the ongoing consequences of the pandemic, including high inflation, have made it more important than ever for business leaders to be attuned to global trends. CEOs are having to anticipate uncertainty and make decisions for a long-term horizon that is increasingly blurry.

In addition, CEOs are having to contend with a tight talent market, disruptive technologies, and growing demand for transparency around their organisations’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. Our leaders across technology, sustainability, talent and economics share their insights on what's on the agenda for New Zealand's CEOs. 


Stormy weather or taking a breather?

New Zealand's economic outlook

New Zealand CEOs remain positive about their economic prospects - and for good reasons. Unlike the rest of the world, New Zealand has just emerged from Covid-19 lockdowns and reopened its border hoping to boost tourism, hospitality and international education. 

Read more to find out why 53% of the CEOs surveyed are very confident in their industry's resilience over the next three months. 

Digital transformation

and the confidence conundrum

Our survey revealed that 80% of New Zealand CEOs currently consider their digital investment strategy to be aggressive, aiming to secure first-mover or fast-follower status. But can they all be leading the pack? 

Find out why James Dowle and Rachael Niao think it's time for New Zealand to take productivity seriously and change the way we change.



Are you telling the full story?

When it comes to ESG

A stunning 87% of Kiwi CEOs believe major global social and environmental challenges such as income inequality and climate change are a threat to their company’s long-term growth and value. Yet organisations are only just beginning to invest in data platforms needed to help collate and analyse the broad spectrum of data captured under ESG. 

Hear from our IMPACT team on how local leaders can step up to the challenge.

The 'T' word

Talent in New Zealand

‘Talent’ has been a topic high on many leadership agendas since our borders closed in 2020. While it was ranked as one of the lowest risks for the rest of the world, talent was joint fourth in a list of the most pressing concerns for New Zealand CEOs alongside both climate change and political uncertainty. 

KPMG's own people leaders share their insights on how CEOs can balance fiscal pressures with the battle for top talent. 


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