As we reach climate tipping points, consumers are looking to the businesses they interact with to do the right thing. The changing regulatory environment is also forcing hands and leaders are under increasing pressure to move away from the status quo. It's time for organisations to challenge the perception that sustainability and business growth are mutually exclusive. 

Businesses who are focused on finding environmentally favourable solutions are seeing greater business efficiency, profit, and growth. Understanding your operating model and how the various layers interact is key to unlocking long lasting, impactful change for your business, your people and the planet. 

Our latest insights cover how to achieve top and bottom-line impact for your business - while changing the world. 

Read the report to find out why:

  • partnerships are key to lowering supply chain costs and emissions
  • it takes a village to embed sustainability
  • organisations are increasingly appointing sustainability managers
  • measurement results in action.

If you'd like to discuss how to unlock impactful change for your business, get in touch with our KPMG IMPACT team. We partner with organisations to help them be sustainable, resilient, inclusive and focused on their impact, drawing on multi-disciplinary skills from across KPMG. 


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