Introducing Christy Lorgen

Introducing Christy - leader of Corporate Intelligence

Christy Lorgen speaks engagingly and enthusiastically about her job. And as the new leader of Corporate Intelligence with almost 20 years' experience in the area, she knows what she's talking about.



Christy Lorgen


KPMG in Norway


Responsible Business

- I think it's important for our clients to understand that when we conduct an integrity due diligence on a company or an individual that they're considering as a partner or as an investment, it's not just an added cost. It's an added value. We're helping our clients to strengthen their own compliance and win more business in a responsible way. Norwegian companies can set examples of best practice with regard to anti-corruption efforts, compliance, and transparency in all of the jurisdictions where they operate around the world, just as we have seen the Council on Ethics do in terms of responsible investment.

Christy Lorgen

Protecting Companies

Christy has focused for much of her career on Africa, a continent she covered for many years with Kroll and K2 in London and in Oslo. Now her work with the Corporate Intelligence practice at KPMG is global, covering many jurisdictions and industries.

- Norwegian companies are working all over the world, in industries like oil and gas, shipping, manufacturing, technology and mining, and they often experience a very different approach to issues like corruption, concealment of beneficial ownership, and other unethical activities than one finds in Norway. They want to protect their reputation as well as their investment, so it's crucial to understand any risks associated with the third parties they're engaged with. Not every risk will be what we call a 'red flag', but they need to know what the risks are. A more informed decision is always a better one.

Our Boutique Practice

Christy and her colleagues in the Corporate Intelligence team at KPMG come from varied backgrounds, including police, law, social sciences, and engineering. They speak 11 languages and have extensive international experience. Moreover, Christy explains that one of the attractions of KPMG for her was the global network of offices.

- On my recent cases, KPMG colleagues in Moscow, Belgium, the Netherlands, and India contributed great input and insights to our reports. I am delighted that I have colleagues all over the world who want to add value for our clients in Norway and that we are building a boutique Corporate Intelligence practice within a Big Four firm.

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