Strategic ecosystems fuel growth in the Nordics

Strategic ecosystems fuel growth in the Nordics

Strategic ecosystems fuel growth in the Nordics

Developing a robust ecosystem with external partners is becoming a key driver for strategic development, digital transformation and innovation in many organizations.


With advanced technologies creating complexity, companies are no longer able to handle all aspects of transformation by themselves. The Nordic CEOs' interest in collaboration and alliances is growing rapidly, becoming one of this year's top strategies for growth.


This year the number of CEOs relying on organic growth as the main strategy for reaching their growth ambitions fell from 23 percent to 14 percent and their appetite for mergers and acquisitions grew to 27 percent. Acquisitions of strategic niche companies help organizations add much needed talent, capabilities and customer base. The Nordic region has been, for a couple of years now, at peak levels of inbound and private equity-led acquisitions. Trailing right behind M&A activities is strategic alliances with third parties, with 26 percent of Nordic CEOs stating this as their main strategy for growth.

We collaborate with dozens of partners and experience that it is easy to get in touch with CEOs of other companies. Many of them are proactively seeking new and innovative strategic business partnerships.

Espen Einn,
CEO and co-founder of Payr

Which of the following strategies will be most important for achieving your organization’s growth objectives over the next three years?

Source: 2019 CEO Outlook, KPMG.

Nordic CEOs are careful when choosing partners. They were significantly more likely to say they have reconsidered a third-party partnership that would have helped growth, but did not fit with their organization’s culture and purpose (73 percent vs. 57 percent).

Strategic alliances boost innovation, reduce risk and are a powerful force that enables strategic execution and accelerated growth. For many companies the collaboration model and eco systems have become vital for the development of new products and services

Rune Skjelvan
Partner and Head of Advisory in KPMG Norway

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The KPMG eco system:

With the acceleration of technology development and innovation, organizations need to have a team supporting and helping them keep up the pace. KPMG has developed strategic alliances that help us build tools and methodology – bringing an innovating approach, increased functional value and scalable deliveries to our customers. Analysts are highlighting our focus on collaboration and alliances as one of our biggest strengths.

Our strategic technology alliances with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services and Google allow us to offer cutting-edge technology and solutions to the market. Together we develop applications and platforms for data and analysis, artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, helping our customers transform their organizations.