A series of podcasts aimed at giving you more insight into different CSRD-related issues, where our KPMG ESG Experts will be sharing some concrete steps you could take to start solving the issues, using real-life examples they come across in their work.

New episode released every month.

Episode 1 - Double Materiality Assesment & Value Chain

Audrey Bozec, Midge Prudon and Anton Zhigalov cover the topic of 'DMA & the value chain'

This episode of the KPMG ESG Experts Podcast, experts from the Sustainability Reporting & Assurance team and our regular host Pieter van Dijk discuss the importance of the Double Materiality Assessment (DMA) and the value chain for organizations and how they relate to the various steps of the CSRD reporting process. Our experts share challenges they have seen with clients and discuss possible solutions. They also highlight what this all means from an assurance perspective and what you need to consider as an organization.