What is KPMG Communities

We offer community programs in which we share our knowledge and expertise. Relevant information is shared within each community so that everyone is kept informed of developments, opportunities and risks within their field or profession. Substantive events are also organized where peers can meet each other.

Are you a commissioner, director or NextGen? Then register for the KPMG RAAD Board Program.

Do you work in Finance? Take a look at the KPMG Finance Professional Program.

Previously worked at KPMG? We would like to stay in touch with you through the KPMG Alumni Program.

Are you a female director and would you like to get and stay in touch with other female directors? Register for the KPMG Inspire Network. Register for the KPMG Inspire Network.


MBO Talent Booster

Investing in education is the best way to offer everyone prospects for work and income, thereby making the economy and society permanently stronger.

The MBO Talent Booster program is aimed at talented MBO students who, among other things, could use some (financial) support. Every year, the selected MBO students are offered a talent development day; a day with a talent assessment, feedback conversations and workshops that challenges participants to show their talents and work on their development points.

Are you or do you know someone who would like to have a chance to win a scholarship? Register yourself or someone else.