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Who are we? And what do we do? Since 2016, the MBO Talent Booster Foundation has been annually investing in MBO students by offering them a scholarship that provides financial and other forms of support to help them obtain their diploma. This includes coaching, laptops, workshops, outfit assistance, assessment support, a KPMG Coach, a StreetPro coach, opportunities for internships within KPMG or with partners, and financial support.

Each year, selected MBO students are offered a Talent Development Day; a day with a talent assessment, feedback sessions, and workshops that challenge participants to showcase their talents and work on their development areas.

Candidates who progress to the next round are offered a 3-day Empower Survival Camp at a special and unique location. Action, adventure, and reflection are the key themes during these three days; on the final day, students have the chance to be awarded a scholarship for the (remaining) duration of their MBO education. This scholarship includes up to four years of financial support, coaching as needed, a KPMG coach, workshops, and sessions with fellow winners. Additionally, winners can take advantage of the KPMG network.

Over the past years, we have been able to offer scholarships to 76 students, and 23 students have already completed their MBO education. In 2024, a new group of students will be added to this success story.

Past participants

Rem: "The intensive boot camp showed me how I could overcome my fear. I now have much more confidence in other people and in my environment. Winning the scholarship has given me a sense of confidence."

Julian"It's amazing how you can establish a strong friendship with the other finalists in just a few days and how much you learn about yourself and develop. I think this experience has been of more value to me than the financial support."

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