The KPMG Israeli Desk is a platform designed to enable exceptional client's service for organizations both in the Netherlands and in Israel, attending to their auditing, tax, and advisory needs.

Headquartered in Amstelveen, the KPMG Israeli Desk professionals are focused on supporting Israeli-based companies in their penetration efforts into the European market.

The KPMG Israeli Desk is operating by close cooperation and collaboration of being the liaison to KPMG Somekh Chaikin, headquarter in Tel Aviv, Israel. Both KPMG offices combine and leverage the experience and knowledge of the two leading groups. KPMG Israeli Desk seamlessly coordinates a wide range of integrated services and offers clients the following benefits by helping to ensure exceptional client service:

  • single point of contact;
  • local, Hebrew, English and Dutch speaking that can bridge cultural barriers;
  • tailor service approach scaled for companies of all sizes and aligned with specific needs and business and financial goals.

The opportunities: Geographical position, good logistics and supportive tax environment

The Netherlands has solidly established itself as a prime base for regional headquarters of international companies. Within just a short 4 hour direct flight from Tel Aviv, the Netherlands physical location at the very heart of Europe, with unparalleled access to the rest of the world, makes the Netherlands as an attractive location for employees. The stable business environment, reliable and supportive tax structure and high degree of English speakers encourage Israeli investors to establish their business in the Netherlands. Over 150 Israeli companies are already located in the Netherlands, and many of them have their headquarters here.

Dedicated KPMG Israeli Desk with teams of specialists who know the field

KPMG can provide just the right support for the Israeli companies that are interested in the Netherlands. We have long lasting relationships with Israeli circles in the Netherlands and we know the relevant Dutch parties. We will be pleased to introduce you to them.

We operate in mixed teams of Dutch and Israeli staff, who know both countries, markets and speak your language. This means that we can provide you with high quality support with a combination of auditing, fiscal and consultancy services, for which we closely work together with KPMG Meijburg & Co. We specialize in the tax systems legislation and regulations in and between the two countries.

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Would you like to set up offices in the Netherlands? Or would like to explore the investment opportunities? Are you encountering issues in your current activities in the Netherlands? Do you require tax services? KPMG will be pleased to give you a helping hand. Please contact Arnoud Greebe.

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