One of the most important events in modern economic history is the rapid economic growth of China and the country’s quick rise to a global economic power. It is observed as a trend that more and more Chinese companies would like to invest and operate in foreign markets.

The Netherlands is one of the most favourable destinations attracting Chinese inbound. Investing in the Netherlands brings you good business climate, educated employees and also tax and legal benefits. KPMG China Desk specialists are passionate about guiding and facilitating the investors in various ways, including by helping Chinese companies to integrate into Dutch business community, introducing potential business partners in key overseas markets, serving Dutch companies in doing business in China and etc.

KPMG China Desk consists of more than ten Mandarin and Cantonese speaking specialists across audit, tax and advisory departments that have the knowledge of both Chinese and Dutch business and cultures. All the specialists have experiences in helping Chinese companies in multiple industries: Technology, Media &Telecommunications, Consumer markets, Industrial markets and Financial Services. With our high quality services, we help Chinese investors to understand complex and dynamic business environments, to shape crucial business partnerships, and to build platforms for achieving long-term and sustainable market positions in the Netherlands.

With the KPMG European network, we can also help you to connect our Chinese Practices in other European countries and to facilitate your European investment plan.

Connect with us

Would you like to set up an office in the Netherlands? Or are you exploring investment opportunities? Or are you encountering issues in your current activities in the Netherlands? KPMG China Desk is very pleased to assist you. We can also provide support for investment from the Netherlands into the Chinese market. Please contact Arnoud Greebe or Jimmy Ji.

Arnoud Greebe

KPMG in the Netherlands
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Jimmy Ji

Director Business Development
KPMG in the Netherlands
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