Publishing your CSRD report is just the first step in an on-going journey of sustainable business transformation. What you do with the information you report - and how you use it to shape your business – is what matters most over time.

Thanks to the CSRD, your banks, investors, insurers and customers will be able to avoid companies not actively engaged in sustainable transformation. That’s why reporting alone is not enough and action matters. Are you ready to transform?

KPMG can help you answer that question by conducting a KPMG ESG Health Check on your organization. Our ESG experts have designed this comprehensive assessment process to examine the essential elements of your corporate ESG activities. The Health Check looks at the operational fundamentals you need to manage your company’s day-to-day ESG performance, as well as the transformational ESG factors that can help you protect and create value.

The KPMG ESG Health Check will highlight your organization’s ESG strengths and weaknesses, identify gaps for you to address, and flag ESG-related risks to be managed and opportunities to be developed.

What the KPMG ESG Health Check covers

When KPMG conducts an ESG Health Check on your organization, our professionals will assess your current approach to the following ESG operational fundamentals and transformational factors. KPMG can tailor the ESG Health Check to meet the needs of any company in any industry; whether you are in the early stages of your ESG journey or have a mature ESG strategy that needs to be reviewed and refreshed.

  • ESG goals and ambition
  • ESG stakeholders
  • ESG regulatory preparedness
  • ESG performance targets
  • ESG benchmarking
  • ESG priorities (materiality)
  • ESG policies
  • ESG reporting
  • ESG governance
  • ESG risk management
  • ESG opportunities
  • Net zero pathways
  • ESG and the supply chain
  • ESG and corporate finance
  • ESG and IT
  • ESG in company culture


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