Strategy and innovation are intrinsically linked; a good strategy recognizes the need to anticipate the changes in the business environment and act upon those changes when needed. Good innovations serve this strategy and ensure maximum return on investment, both in the form of new revenue models, the creation of an innovative corporate culture and increasing brand value.

Organizing valuable innovations

Developments in technology, demographics, regulation, globalization and environment are just a few of the forces changing the game for businesses and organizations. That is why innovation is not just a ‘nice to have’, but rather a vital capability to future proof organizations and business models. And it is not just about creating new ideas and concepts; it is all about shaping new growth opportunities by bringing relevant ideas to a practical, reliable and affordable reality.

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Innovation through collaboration

How to address the biggest challenges of our time, with a positive return on
investment while doing so

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Overcome your innovation challenges

1.  Strategy and organizational outlook
A rapidly changing world requires organizations to constantly respond to challenges and to find new growth areas (digitization, sustainability, 'war on talent', etc.). Good innovations have a clear fit within the business strategy; they give substance to the ambitions that emerge from this strategy. KPMG can help organizations in defining a clear future perspective, which will shape a strategic lens for innovation: where to go.

The strategy will guide the conditions and processes that are necessary for successful innovation: how to get there. We help with setting up appropriate innovation processes, KPIs and governance. With our data-driven Innovation Capability Maturity Model we provide insight into the maturity of the innovation organization and in determining which parts need attention to make innovations successful.

2.  Innovation Management & New Growth Realization
Setting up and managing an innovation track and organization is the logical next step after defining an (innovation) strategy. Realizing an idea to a scaled product that adds value can be accomplished by creating the right climate in and around an organization. Scaling up and embedding innovations in the organization is a challenging process in which a changing customer and market must be taken into account.

Our team can run a complete innovation department within an organization to make the above come true. We also offer support in setting up and managing an innovation ecosystem. This results in letting external parties – such as suppliers, customers, startups and knowledge institutes – participate in the generation, enrichment and realization of innovations.

3.  Investment Management & Value Protection
Gaining and maintaining insight into the progress and performance of innovation projects is an important issue for organizations that have implemented innovations. Transparency in the investment portfolio is important for correctly assessing which products and/or projects should continue and which should be stopped for maximum return on investment, the lowest possible risk and minimum failure costs. We support organizations by deploying our expertise in the field of portfolio management and rationalizing innovation portfolios where necessary.

Our full range of services enables us to drive our clients’ strategy and innovation. From idea generation to product management. We combine our knowledge and practical experience in organizing and driving innovation with the ability to scale, implement and manage ideas. We also provide the tools and knowledge to manage the full investment portfolio.

Our team of innovation experts

Our team connects and drives business- and innovation strategy for clients and KPMG. We believe that innovation is not just about getting ideas, but about bringing good ideas into a practical, reliable and affordable reality that creates measurable value for business, brands and culture. To do so, we combine creativity, technology and a systematic approach on how to set up innovation on a strategic-, value creation- and organisational level. We bring hands-on experience to the table with our team of innovation- and strategy experts and product- and portfolio managers and combine that with the deep industry knowledge and broad service portfolio in KPMG.