Growth in turnover and revenues is one of the most important agenda items for executives and shareholders. However, achieving growth is a big challenge. The majority of companies fail to hit their growth targets.

KPMG helps companies to formulate and implement a robust growth strategy step-by-step by providing support with, among other things:

  • Identifying and evaluating new sources of turnover and profit;
  • Analysing new markets and segments to expand into;
  • Formulating a competition strategy to win market share;
  • Identifying, evaluating and approaching possible acquisition candidates.

The KPMG approach is based on identifying and implementing a tailored set of growth platforms. This distinctive method, based on KPMG’s "9 Levers of Value", is aimed at directly translating a growth strategy to all elements of business operations. In this way, we can together create a growth strategy that is practical and directly implementable.

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