Helping you deliver learning that provides you with the skills for a dynamic world.

Customer expectations are changing. The way you work is changing. The things that set apart your business also look very different. As a result, what you need from your people is changing too. So how do you ensure they have the skills required to let your business adapt and compete?

This is where our learning solutions can help. Organisations are increasingly looking at how they can use technology to deliver more efficient operations. And how they can use it to enable new ways of working through remote collaboration. We have been active in the L&D space for many years and are well versed in aligning business ambitions with meaningful and effective learning on the ground. 

End-to-end learning support

We’ve helped some of the largest organisations globally to reimagine their approach to learning. We start by understanding your business and your employees. From there, we can help you rethink your learning strategy. We can advise on the best learning technology and support you to implement it. We can create innovative learning solutions using advanced tech and robotics.

Our end-to-end services include consultancy that guides you in the level of support you need, we always focus on making learning logical and accessible. Our goal is to transform the skills and capabilities of your people and build your Learning Function of the future. 

Our learning services

Strategic consultancy support
Organisations are facing near-constant change and we work with you to understand the context in which your business operates. This enables us to develop an in-depth understanding of your approach and the skills you’ll need to support it. We don’t just look to design a strategy which meets today’s business priorities. Instead, we work with you to think beyond the short and medium term to consider what your organisation will look like in future. Thus, your L&D strategy can be agile enough to react to any predicted changes.

Content development
The learning content we deliver focuses on the skills you need now and in the future. Our expert learning designers and occupational psychologists help create impactful, high-quality learning experiences. We bring together KPMG's breadth and depth of subject matter expertise with our learning design, technology skills and capabilities to help improve individual and organisational performance. As a part of one of the world’s largest networks of professional services firms, we draw on the extensive knowledge and experience from our sector specialists. This means we recognise all your needs and can meet your business and learning goals. We do this by working closely with our learning specialists and you, to deliver engaging experiences.

Learning delivery
We understand the Learning challenges you encounter now and in the coming years. E.g., how to ensure your talent continuously learns and develops itself to create a future proof and scalable Learning capability. You can rely on our approach. With our Powered solution we support you by identifying opportunities for optimisation of your learning department.

Technology is a critical part of our learning solution approach. We work with modern, cloud-based, easy to adapt, resilient and scalable technologies, which has allowed us to create a complete learning platform that hosts all our learning materials, provides management information, as well as learning analytics. Our platform is much more than just a typical learning management system or learner experience platform.

The way we fuse technical and sector expertise to help develop your L&D program isn’t the only powerful combination we provide. We also add operational delivery expertise to strategic advice and content development. We ensure that what happens in the classroom and online, runs as smoothly as possible.

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