The financial departments of international companies have changed considerably in terms of tax accounting in recent years, partly due to the introduction of IFRS, tighter regulations under US GAAP and fast-changing fiscal legislation and regulations. In addition, there is an increased awareness among management, shareholders and other stakeholders that tax accounting has a substantial impact on a company’s profits and equity capital. This makes it essential to identify the associated requirements and incorporate them into the financial reports.

Relevant questions in this regard are:

  • I perform complex transactions involving multiple tax jurisdictions; how can I solve the associated tax accounting issues?
  • I am not sure whether I have correctly and fully identified tax latencies. Who can help me with this?
  • I am implementing a new accounting standard. Are there reporting implications for tax accounting?

Examples of matters we can support you with are:

  • Drawing up tax accounting ‘position papers’ for complex transactions.
  • Providing support with periodic financial reporting around acute and latent tax positions.
  • Providing assistance with tax accounting in relation to new reporting standards, IPOs, GAAP conversions or carve-outs.

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