Your stakeholders demand a rapid turnaround. And you are under pressure to capture value from the business and put it on a course for success. KPMG Elevate can help. 

The clock is ticking. And the opportunities to make big changes and achieve big turnarounds in performance are waiting. You need to efficiently and effectively assess your options, identify value creation opportunities and then start delivering on the quick wins in order to drive a sustainable turnaround. Rapid quantification and confident execution will be key. There is no time to waste. 

Successful turnarounds are driven by data, informed by experience and fully focused on value creation.

The confidence you and your stakeholders need

KPMG Elevate is designed to deliver value and confidence in times of stress. Our proprietary data, tools and capabilities can help to give you the insights you need to quantify and unlock value, no matter where you are in your turnaround journey.

From strategy through to execution, KPMG professionals can help you quickly and confidently achieve measurable improvements to your operating margin, cost structures and working capital positions.

Four steps to rapid and successful turnarounds:


Take a data-driven approach to uncover and quantify value creation opportunities.


Identify the best opportunities, find the quick wins and plan the roadmap.


Leverage experienced professionals and execution teams to capture the value.


Closely monitor value creation and execution success against objectives.

Turnaround value

KPMG Elevate combines proprietary data, tools and capabilities to give you the insights you need to quickly and confidently quantify and unlock value to turnaround performance.

Driven by KPMG firms experience in audit and execution, KPMG Elevate can give you the insights, the conviction and the capabilities you need to turnaround and revitalize your organization.

You need to turn your company around. And that means you need to rapidly unlock quantifiable value and track it on the way. KPMG Elevate can help.