Maximize the value of your transaction

Buyer or seller, you need to find, quantify, and deliver value — quickly and with confidence. KPMG Elevate is designed to do that. 

The deal landscape has changed dramatically. And it has become harder than ever to separate clear signals on performance from noise. Yet the pressure is on. For example, many Private Equity funds are starting to activate their value creation plans earlier in the deal process. And sellers are looking to lift their valuations as quickly as possible. The big question is whether they have the data and the capabilities to quantify and deliver on those value creation opportunities.

Just over one in 10 PE firms say they manage to reach the full potential of their investment more than 90 percent of the time.

Get the value you deserve

When working at deal speed, both buyers and sellers need to unlock quantifiable value as quickly as possible. And you need to be able to track the value delivered, every step of the way. KPMG Elevate can help.

KPMG Elevate is designed to help you unlock financial value – rapidly– no matter where you are in the transaction journey. From strategy through to execution, KPMG experienced professionals can help you quickly and confidently achieve measurable improvements to operating margins, cost structures and working capital positions so that you can get the most value for your asset or investment. 

Value creation opportunities can be found almost anywhere

Evaluate opportunities across a series of levers to uncover value across the organization:


Take a data-driven view on how to grow the top line.


Conduct a bottom-up review to find where value is created or leaking.


Identify new opportunities to reduce the cost structure.


Lead meaningful structural change to the operation and business.

From strategy to execution to results

KPMG Elevate brings together the data, insights and execution capabilities you need to deliver financial value — when speed matters. We use pools of proprietary data and insights to identify great opportunities. And then KPMG’s experienced sector experts tap into their deep sector knowledge and capabilities to help you with those opportunities.

KPMG Elevate is the combination of top-down strategy and bottom-up implementation – driven by data, informed by experience, executed by professionals and sharply focused on value creation.