Financial economic crime (FEC), such as fraud, corruption, money laundering and sanctions breaches pose a serious risk to the financial systems and society. It is continuously changing and becoming increasingly complex.

In ‘Emerging Trends: Navigating the Future of the AML Compliance Landscape’ the dynamic world of financial economic crime is further discovered by KPMG Forensic. We interviewed 19 experts active in the FEC domain in the Netherlands. These include leaders in the banking industry, academia and regulatory bodies, the public prosecutor and trendwatchers. Personal motivations, insights into trends, developments, challenges and opportunities are discussed and offer a fresh perspective on the future of FEC prevention.

A lot is happening to combat the negative effects in an ever-changing landscape. We trust that the insights of this publication give you a new outlook on the world FEC and the efforts made to make our financial systems and society safer. The way we combat FEC is a permanent commitment in which we all have a role to play.

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