Helping to secure the industrial Internet of Things with KPMG and Microsoft KPMG’s experience can help manufacturers make decisions on connected device security, according to Ronald Heil, Global Cyber Security Lead for Energy and Natural Resources, KPMG International & Partner, KPMG in the Netherlands; Motoki Sawada, Partner, KPMG in Japan; and Norikazu Hosaka, Director, KPMG in Japan. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are being increasingly employed in industrial sectors, including energy and manufacturing. An energy company can install thousands of internet-enabled rust sensors along the length of a pipeline to monitor its condition regularly, as long as they can connect to a network. Power networks can use IoT in the shape of smart meters to manage temporary local demands, such as many drivers recharging their electric vehicles in the early evening. Manufacturers can use IoT to monitor factories for potential problems and to track output in real time.

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Ronald Heil
Partner, Cyber Operations
KPMG in the Netherlands

Motoki Sawada
Partner, Technology Risk Services
KPMG in Japan

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