In a volatile and interconnected world, threats to growth range from cyberattacks to financial risk to fast-changing regulations. And it is not just the business that is under threat, everyone involved with the organization - from customers and employees to regulators, suppliers, investors, and the communities where one operates - has skin in the game. That is why trust is becoming a critical part of the enterprise agenda. Earning the trust of all stakeholders gives businesses the permission to transform with confidence, whether it is creating innovative technologies, markets, or customer experiences. This need for stakeholder trust is also becoming a primary reason for using Managed Services. As these capable providers, go beyond the back office, cost savings and technology alone to deliver strategic outcomes in mission-critical processes across the enterprise. They combine deep subject-matter expertise, market experience and technical capabilities to help companies earn and sustain the trust of their stakeholders.

Compelling research from KPMG and HFS finds that 80% of executives plan to increase their use of Managed Services to access the much-needed expertise and trusted technology of service providers over the next two years. To read more about how Managed Services will help leading organizations build operational resilience and stakeholder trust, download the Trust POV.

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