On this page you can download the checklist for a prospectus of an Alternative Investment Fund. This checklist can support you in the preparation of a prospectus for offering units to professional and non-professional investors (hereafter: retail investors). This checklist is an update of the checklist that is published in November 2021 and outlines the latest revisions in applicable laws and regulations.

When offering units in an Alternative Investment Fund in the Netherlands, a prospectus is provided to the investor before the investor acquires the units. This checklist aims to support (the AIFM of) an Alternative Investment Fund in preparing a prospectus which complies with relevant laws and regulations.

This checklist primarily helps you to determine whether your prospectus complies with the legal requirements for the prospectus of an Alternative Investment Fund (hereinafter: AIF). This checklist is relevant for (the AIFM of) an AIF who has a license as outlined in art. 2:65 Dutch Act on Financial Supervision (hereafter: Wft) to offer participation rights in the Netherlands (hereafter: AIFM license).

To check the Dutch version of this checklist prospectus, click here.

If you are looking for the checklist prospectus related to Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS), click here.


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